Why using a ceph storage cluster?

On the searches and on the internet you may find a bunch of information about ceph storages, but mostly it is a deep look into the specifics of ceph. You are here since you want to understand the basic principles of ceph storages and afterwards you want to be able to decide for or against a ceph cluster.

Sadly many part time administrators are around ceph and post their part time gained knowledge. Mostly this knowledge is also based on some lab environments (if even a lab was used).
Real production knowledge is sadly little to none available on the forums or groups. And often this real hands-on knowledge is considered as the holy grail of the storage admins. So you do not find a lot of overall information before you have build a cluster.

A decision for or against a cluster shall always be done BEFORE you build a cluster. Or do you build prior a house to decide if you want to build that type of house? Probably not 😉

You may have read that ceph was build with the goal in mind to make the storage easily scaleable in horizontal and in vertical dimension. But what does this really mean for your business? For what business factors shall you consider a ceph storage cluster? For your business you typically have following considerations: you consider …